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Welcome to new readers and recap for others:


You might watch the video on giac2002.org--3/26/12 What YOU Can Do To Beat Obama  Dick Morris, DickMorris.com  [Click the date while pressing your Ctrl key to access the original article on the Web.] This led me to wonder if you would be interested in being a daily reader of GIAC2002.org or receive a weekly digest of titles of articles and links to the GIAC abstracts and the original Web articles.


GIAC2002.org provides easy access to much information and commentary that you may not readily find elsewhere. Its home page, George’s Daily Page provides the timeliest information with selected quotations from selected articles on the Web. Those from the month just previous to the current month forward are indexed in the "month plus" index. Clicking the date associated with an abstract will take you to the original article.


This Web site offers considerably more information and comment that can be accessed by clicking the descriptive titles in the various menus. In many cases, clicking those titles will take you to daily updated information Other information and comments may be preserved unchanged--frequently containing further tables of links for more detail. One of the most notable of the latter is “Classic Links”—a link near the top in the left menu. Clicking any title in the table at the top of that page will take you to a previously published abstract that is considered so important that it deserves perpetual availability. Again clicking dates will take you to the original article on the Web.


I encourage exploration—run down the left menu  to see the items offered. Update: You can now click Quick Guide to GIAC2002.org to easily access the menus and information described below above the History and Philosophy heading.


The bottom left menu is divided into five groups—Nation/World, Features, Horry County Related Links, South Carolina Related Links and References. Again, I encourage you to run down the various items to see what is offered. Nation/World includes links to national news sources, the text of the U.S. constitution and contact information for national elected officials. Features includes a link to on-line music and features typically found in newspapers—including comics. Horry County Related Links includes links for Horry County S.C. readers to county government, schools, libraries, political parties and newspapers. South Carolina Related Links includes links to information on elections, the South Carolina legislature and code and state news sources.References includes links to an on-line dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, law sources, area codes, Thomas Register, library information and science.


Links to each of the items in the bottom left menu can be found on the recently added "Quick Guide to GIAC2002.org" that can be accessed by clicking the just foregoing text in blue.


The center menu on George’s Daily Page, again, provides links to features typically found in newspapers, a link to USA Today, links to TV schedules and movie reviews, crosswords, Suduko, weather, comics etc. Again, I encourage you to run down the various items offered.


History and Philosophy

GIAC2002.org began in early 2002 as the Growth Impact Action Committee in support of the interests of Horry County, S.C. homeowners. After several years, it was renamed George’s Information and Comments as it became broadly oriented to the interests of citizens throughout the United States while preserving the GIAC acronym. A mnemonic for GIAC acronym has been humorously offered as George Is Always Correct. The 2002 refers to its founding a decade ago.


Details on George can be found by clicking the asterisk on George’s Daily page. George’s politics are in line with American conservatism in that he favors low taxes and government expenditures with only those regulations necessary to protect individual citizens’ rights and well being in strict accord with the obvious meaning of words in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.


GIAC’s writings and Web selections are unabashedly based on these perspectives as opposed to the writing and information selections made by the establishment media as a whole. Since the inauguration of Barack Obama, GIAC has been largely dedicated to exposing Obama’s philosophical beliefs and the actions that he and his fellow travelers in government have taken against the interests of America—culturally, economically and internationally. He warned that he intended to fundamentally change America. In that regard, Obama has been very successful--to the country’s detriment.


Obama’s re-election and those who support him should be vigorously opposed and, almost without exception, every thing that they have enacted revoked.


George Edwards

Founder, Editor GIAC2002.org



P. S. 

Obama-ites can win the 2012 election if voters are not informed or misinformed. Rush Limbaugh show’s report astonishes me. It reports that those who only get their information from the overall main stream, establishment, media are SURPRISED that congressional budget office (CBO) costs calculated on Obamacare based on a ten year projection at its inception are now, only two years later, doubled for the next ten These new calculations are BASED ON THE ORIGINAL DATA submitted by congress to the CBO.


This is no surprise at all to those who listen to or read Rush Limbaugh show transcripts that GIAC2002.org frequently links to and abstracts from along with other sources. It has been obvious to them from the start. Fox News and Lucianne.com are two of many other reliable sources for information. Unfortunately, these are only a small portion of the bulk of the main stream establishment media that does not report and frequently downplays or even demonizes sources where other true information is freely available.


In addition to regularly reading GIAC2002.org, you can help inform people by e-mailing this to your lists. If you prefer, you can e-mail your lists to me for me to use in e-mailing those who could benefit from GIAC information. I also e-mail daily or periodic digests of the headlines and links for which I publish abstracts daily—and immediately drop anyone who asks.