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Voter Fraud Instances 2012 National Election


This page includes links to items found on the Web describing discovered voter fraud or indications of its likelihood.

If you click a headline, you will be taken to the abstract with synopsized quotes on that article below the table.

If you click the date in the table you will be taken to the original article on the Web.

Click here if you want to go to the bottom of the following table. Click a headline to go to the named article.


The below does not include the voter fraud committed by confirmed Obama lies or the IRS fraud of suppressing voters via intimidation of conservative groupsl

4/9/14 IRS employees accused of donning pro-Obama gear, urging callers to vote for him

4/3/14 N.C. State Board Finds More than 35K Incidents of 'Double Voting' in 2012

11/23/12 News Archive for November 2012 [Click the date for the articles.]

11/18/12 Poll Watcher Sees Romney Ballots Changed

11/18/12 How Widespread is Voter Fraud? | 2012 Facts & Figures

11/18/12 Maine GOP Chair alleges possible voter fraud by “dozens of black people”

11/17/12 THE BIG LIST of vote fraud reports

11/17/12 Did Obams Cheat? How to Answer the Question

11/11/12 Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud


Links with Synoptic Quotes

11/23/12 News Archive for November 2012 Truethevote.org [Click the date for the articles.]

11/18/12 Poll Watcher Sees Romney Ballots Changed TeaParty.org

  [The information here is via an e-mail dated November 13.]

  "Barack Obama received more than 99% of the vote in more than 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio on election day.  In fact, there were a substantial number of precincts where Mitt Romney got exactly zero votes.  So how in the world did this happen?  Third world dictators don’t even get 99% of the vote. . . .

  "Perhaps if there were just one or two precincts where Obama got more than 99% of the vote we could dismiss the results as 'statistical anomalies' and ignore them.

  "But there were more than 100 precincts where this happened in the most important swing state in the nation.. . .What makes all of this even more alarming is that there were reports of voting machine problems during early voting in Ohio.  It was being reported that some voters were claiming that they tried to vote for Romney but that the voting machines kept recording their votes as votes for Obama…

      'I don’t know if it happened to anybody else or not, but this is the first time in all the years that we voted that this has

        ever happened to me,' said Marion, Ohio, voter Joan Stevens. 

      'Stevens said that when she voted, it took her three tries before the machine accepted her choice to vote for Romney.

      'I went to vote and I got right in the middle of Romney’s name,' Stevens told Fox News, saying that she was certain to

         put her finger directly on her choice for the White House.

      'She said that the first time she pushed 'Romney,' the machine marked 'Obama.' . . .

      'So she pushed Romney again. Obama came up again. Then it happened a third time.'

  "Posted below are voting results from the presidential election from various precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  In each case, the specific precinct is identified first, followed by the number of votes for Obama and then the number of votes for Romney. [Click the date to access this information] . . .

  "Once again, perhaps there is a rational explanation for all of this.

But I find it really hard to believe that one candidate would get more than 99% of the vote in more than 100 precincts in one of the most important counties in the most hotly contested swing state of the 2012 election. . . .

  "I sincerely hope that authorities in Ohio and in the other swing states will investigate some of the voting “irregularities” that are being reported."

[Click here to go to the top of the headline links table.]


11/18/12 How Widespread is Voter Fraud? | 2012 Facts & Figures truethevote.org

  "Here are the facts:

[Click here to go to the top of the headline links table.]


11/18/12 Maine GOP Chair alleges possible voter fraud by “dozens of black people”

, Salon.com

  "The outgoing Chairman of the Maine Republican Party is looking into possible instances of voter fraud on Election Day, because 'dozens' of black people voted in some precincts, but 'nobody in (these) towns knows anyone who’s black.' . . .

  "'I’m not talking about 15 or 20. I’m talking hundreds,' Webster said. “I’m not politically correct and maybe I shouldn’t have said these voters were black, but anyone who suggests I have a bias toward any race or group, frankly, that’s sleazy.'”

[Click here to go to the top of the headline links table.]


11/17/12 THE BIG LIST of vote fraud reports WND.com

108% of voting population endorses Obama

  "WASHINGTON – The outcome of the Nov. 6 presidential election shocked almost everyone, with very few analysts expecting Barack Obama to win so decisively and to take so many of the “battleground” states that seemed to be pulling toward Romney.

But then the reports of voting irregularities started leaking out, then gushing out – like the 59 different Philadelphia voting divisions in which Mitt Romney received zero votes compared to Obama’s 19,605. And the Cleveland precinct in which Obama beat Romney 542 to 0. (In fact, Romney received zero votes in nine Cleveland precincts.) And in one Ohio county – widely considered ground zero for the election – Obama received 106,258 votes from 98,213 eligible voters – an impossible 108 percent of the vote. And that’s just the beginning.

  "WND is compiling a list of reports documenting voting irregularities and apparent fraud during the 2012 presidential tabulation.   "These reports include: [The following although not shown in quotes are direct quotes from the WND article.]

The Market Daily News reported on those 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, that on election day gave Romney zero votes, and Obama got 99 percent. “In more than 50 different precincts, Romney received two votes or less,” the report said. “One would think that such improbable results would get the attention of somebody out there.”

According to Philly.com, 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia produced a “head-spinning figure,” not one vote for Romney. “The unanimous support for Obama in these Philadelphia neighborhoods – clustered in almost exclusively black sections of West and North Philadelphia – fertilizes fears of fraud, despite little hard evidence,” the newspaper said.

A poll watcher told WND up to 10 percent of the ballots cast at a polling station in Pennsylvania reverted to a default, which gave Barack Obama a vote no matter who the voter had selected. The incident took place in the state where officials claimed Obama got a total of 19,605 votes in 59 voting divisions to zero for Mitt Romney and not far from the 100 precincts in Ohio where Obama got 99 percent of the vote, a feat not even achieved by third-world dictators. It was in Upper Macungie Township, near Allentown, Pa., where an auditor, Robert Ashcroft, was dispatched by Republicans to monitor the vote on Election Day. He said the software he observed would “change the selection back to default – to Obama.”

  "Here’s the blueprint Obama used to steal the 2012 election. [The following are direct quotes from the WND article.]

Chicago elections worker Steve Pickrum told WND as an equipment manager for the elections system, he was called when a voting machine malfunctioned. “On early voting when I did work on the floor when voters needed help using the equipment, I was able to see the preference of the voter, and every time that I saw [a] voter voted for Romney a ‘voter save failure’ message came up on the screen,’” he reported. Then when he went on election day to vote himself, he picked Romney and experienced the same error message. He reported he never experienced the error message when the voter was choosing Barack Obama.

Another poll worker, this one assigned at the University of Michigan, reported to WND a list of irregularities, including that the precinct captain told her at one point, “You go sit down, you are bothering me,” when she was trying to observe the proceedings. “I was only standing there and looking at voter documents,” she told WND. “It was clear that what bothered him was my very presence.” She said a short time later a young man arrived and identified himself as a Democrat poll challenger. “The first time he said anything was to object to my challenge of a voter. He tried to anger the voter by telling her ‘She does not believe you are who you say you are.’ He was trying to create a scene. It then happened again and I told him ‘You are not here to challenge me!’ His reply was a very loud ‘Yes I am! You are a Republican and you are here to prevent people from voting. You are holding up the line and creating obstructions,’” she reported. She told WND in fact no one waited more than about 15 minutes to vote the entire day, and there were no obstructions.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner reports that some 200,000 fewer white voters were recorded in Ohio’s election this year than in 2008. “There are several theories about those missing white voters, but the most plausible is that the ones who were undecideds or weak Republicans were deeply influenced by Obama’s relentless attacks on Romney…”

And in Florida, the Sun Sentinel reported that election workers a week after the election said they found 963 unaccounted-for ballots – in a warehouse. “How can you lose them? This is terrible,” candidate Chickie Brandimarte told officials. Election supervisor Brenda Snipes, however, said it’s routine for various vote totals to be adjusted up until the Nov. 18 final certification.

  "Stand up to fight against voter fraud right now! [The following are direct quotes from the WND article.]

Also in Florida, residents began demanding changes in the electoral system that handed voters chaos, frustration and delays at polling stations. The Florida League of Women Voters and other groups are demanding from Gov. Rick Scott a plan to draft reforms for the state’s elections.

Fox News reported that voters in Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio also said they had pushed a button on a touch-screen voting machine for Romney, but the machines recorded their vote for Obama.

At the White House website, a report in the Examiner explains, there was posted a petition seeking a recount of the race. “In one county alone in Ohio, which was a battleground state, President Obama received 106,258 votes … but there were only 98,213 eligible voters. It’s not humanly possible to get 108 percent of the vote,” the petition claims.

Fox News reported that two election judges were replaced after illegally allowing unregistered voters to cast ballots.

The Columbus Dispatch estimated that more than 20 percent of registered Ohio voters aren’t eligible. “In two counties, the number of registered voters actually exceeds the voting-age population,” the report said. And, it said, in 31 other counties, registrations are above 90 percent of the population, “a rate regarded as unrealistic by most voting experts.”

Fox News also documented how Senate candidate Wendy Long, an attorney who was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, recounted her voting experience. “A poll worker who was at the scanner studied my private ballot and proceeded to tell me that it was rejected because I did not ‘fill in every space.’ She then proceeded to indicate that I should mark the Democratic line all the way down.”

  "WND’s newest forum is your opportunity to report voter fraud [The following are direct quotes from the WND article.]

On YouTube was the testimony of a computer programmer, telling the Ohio Legislature that he was able to write a program that would rig elections by flipping the total vote from the real winner to a pre-selected candidate.

The Washington Times reported that officials in Florida banned observers from seeing the absentee ballots being opened and “there was no way to know whether the absentee ballots that were produced were the same ones that were opened, or if all the ballots were produced.”

Human Events claimed Ohio voters who are native to Somalia were being given a slate card saying, “Vote Brown all the way down” – an apparent reference to the Democratic senator.

The Washington Times reported its suspicions of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, including that “in Philadelphia, the [New] Black Panthers are currently standing outside polling booths, intimidating voters just like they did in 2008.” It said, too, that 70 Republican polling inspectors were blocked from access.

A blog, Punditpress, reported “In Florida: Obama Got Over 99% in Broward County Precincts”

The same site reported: “What Luck! Obama Won Dozens of Cleveland Districts with 100% of the Vote”

There also was the report about “Good News: Obama Won County in Ohio with 108% Voter Registration”

And Punditpress also reported: “BREAKING: St. Lucie County, Florida Had 141.1% Turnout; Obama Won County”

Further, it said: “Fraud in PA: Obama Got Over 99% of Vote at Polls Where GOP Inspectors Were Removed; Turnout Somehow ’30%’ Above Gov’t Numbers”

“Out of 175,554 registered voters, 247,713 vote cards were cast in St. Lucie County, Florida, on Tuesday”

[Click here to go to the top of the headline links table.]


11/17/12 Did Obams Cheat? How to Answer the Question By Paul Murphy, American Thinker

  "There are 15 states with photo ID requirements for voting.  Mr. Obama lost in all of them.  In places with the weakest controls, specifically counties in Florida, Ohio, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, he generally drew turnouts in the 90% or greater range and won by better than 95% of the vote.

  "Losers tend to look for external explanations, and a lot of conservatives looking at numbers like those from Florida's St. Lucie County (where Mr. Obama got 247,713 votes from only 175,554 registered voters) are starting to question the legitimacy of the electoral results as reported.  That's not good news for democracy, because the system works only if we trust it -- and having a majority in the GOP write off a minority who think the results were rigged serves nobody.  Not even Democrats.

  "So what we need is an independent means of testing the electoral result.

  "The traditional way of doing this is, of course, to assume legitimacy, then gather anecdotal evidence of vote-cheating, promote that to sworn testimony through court proceedings, and hope for a conclusion from the adversarial process this generates.  That's how we now know, for example, that Stevens was falsely prosecuted and Coleman beat Franken.

  "Great.  Except that both Franken and Begich hold office, both voted for ObamaCare, and both will get generous federal pensions.  Basically, the traditional approach may be effective, but it's also politically pointless...and inappropriate in today's context anyway, given that we need something a whole lot quicker.  We need something, in fact, that can give us a clear result in time to decide whether there's a case to be made for asking the college of electors to overturn the nominal result when they vote on December 17.

  "One idea that might work would be to compare the results of an honest poll to the nominal results obtained in the election and then decide what the odds are that the differences, if any, reflect electoral fraud.

Given that there have been hundreds of polls, the most public of which roughly predicted the reported electoral outcomes, this may seem like a dumb idea.  But it may not be so dumb -- and for two main reasons:

First: internal GOP polling based on face-to-face voter contact consistently contradicted the D+7 or more results predicted by the major media polls and subsequently demonstrated in the nominal electoral outcome.

This shouldn't happen; theory predicts that internal polls based on face-to-face interviews should produce better results than panel studies or public media polls -- and until the 2008 presidential election, they generally did.

  "Second: The major media pollsters face non-response problems that render their results indefensible in terms of normal statistical practices and standards.  In consequence, those in charge of analyzing and reporting the data typically use complicated, but ultimately guesstimated, formulas, giving a kind of scientific patina to what are ultimately intuitive judgments about sub-sample weights -- and the closer the population proportions they're trying to estimate get to 50:50, the more these judgments affect the outcome, and the more risk the people involved take when they make those judgments.

  "As a result, the closer the contest is in reality, the more pressure these guys are under to follow the leader -- for competing pollsters to recursively adjust their weightings to invisibly move their results toward a consensus position.

  "Notice that this isn't conspiracy; it's a natural consequence of the costs and complexities of public polling in today's business environment.  But it is an exploitable consequence, because someone who wants to drive the public media polling consensus toward a predetermined outcome need only lean on one of the market leaders to cause all of them to drift toward the intended conclusion.

  "Gallup published a poll close to what the GOP internals showed, found the DOJ joining what should have been a nuisance lawsuit against them, and adjusted its weightings to bring its results into line.  We know these events happened; we do not know if they're related.

  "A public, national, face-to-face voter poll, using a simple set of questions and academically defensible statistical methods, would go a long way in clearing up the questions here.  If the results strongly support the nominal electoral outcomes, we can be fairly confident, for example, that the election was broadly fair, that the GOP internal polls were wrong, and that the major media pollsters behaved honorably and correctly throughout.

  "If, on the other hand, our hypothetical national poll produces results that differ significantly from the nominal election results, it will largely rehabilitate the GOP internal results, cast significant doubt on the legitimacy of Mr. Obama's claimed victory, and probably cause at least one of the major media pollsters to rethink its methods.

  "Notice, however, that this type of audit survey is a first cut at the problem -- more to see whether there is a real problem than to address it.  Ultimately, only the more traditional methods will let us deal with issues like those raised by the disenfranchisement of (mostly GOP) service personnel and the enfranchisement of (mostly Democrat) illegals.

  "With that in mind, let's look at the mechanics of actually doing it -- but bear in mind, please, that there are many different ways of doing this, and what I'm suggesting here is intended to be illustrative, not prescriptive. . . . [Click the date to read the suggestion. It is lengthy but overwhelmingly important, well worth the cost.]

  "Right now, saying Obama cheated is about as credible as saying he didn't, so a positive result will go a long way to debunking various destructive conspiracy theories and thus contribute to the smooth functioning of American democracy.  Conversely, a negative result will form a strong basis for multiple legal and political actions aimed at delegitimizing an illegitimate president.

  "Bottom line?  Knowing is better than not knowing.  So who's got three million bucks?"

[Click here to go to the top of the headline links table.]


11/11/12 Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud

Rachel Alexander, TownHall.com

  "Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. The Democrats portrayed Romney in the worst light possible; as a wealthy, out of touch millionaire who wanted to return women to the 1800's. The left wing media predictably did everything it could to perpetuate that false caricature. Obama's race was an advantage; voters of all persuasions, particularly minorities, still cannot get over the allure of the first black president. The 47% of Americans on welfare were predisposed to vote for the food stamp president over Romney, wanting the free goodies to keep on giving, despite the long-term unsustainability.

  "In spite of those odds, polls indicated that Romney was going to win the election. The economy is close to Great Depression era conditions, and unemployment is almost as high as when Obama entered office. Economic conditions became so dire after Obama took office it prompted the rise of an entire new movement, the Tea Party. Presidents rarely win reelection when the economy is in the tank.

  "So how did Romney lose a race that numerous reputable polls and pundits predicted would be an easy win, based on historical patterns? The most realistic explanation is voter fraud in a few swing states. According to the Columbus Dispatch, one out of every five registered voters in Ohio is ineligible to vote. In at least two counties in Ohio, the number of registered voters exceeded the number of eligible adults who are of voting age. In northwestern Ohio's Wood County, there are 109 registered voters for every 100 people eligible to vote. An additional 31 of Ohio's 88 counties have voter registration rates over 90%, which most voting experts regard as suspicious. Obama miraculously won 100% of the vote in 21 districts in Cleveland, and received over 99% of the vote where GOP inspectors were illegally removed.

  "The inflated numbers can't just reflect voters who have moved, because the average voting registration level nationwide is only 70%. The vast majority of voters over the 70% level are not voting because they want to, they are voting because someone is getting them to cast a vote, one way or another. Those 31 counties are most likely the largest counties in Ohio, representing a majority of Ohio voters. This means the number of votes cast above the 70% typical voter registration level easily tops 100,000, the margin Obama won Ohio by.

  "Videographer James O'Keefe, known for his undercover videos exposing left wing fraud, caught a Virginia Democratic Congressman's son on video in October explaining how to commit voter fraud. Patrick Moran, the son of Rep. Jim Moran, told O'Keefe's videographer that in order to make a vote for someone else, you'd need two pieces of identification, such as a utility bill, explaining, 'they can fake a utility bill with ease, you know?' He went on to advise the videographer that he should also call the voter and pretend to be a polling company in order to make sure the voter isn't intending to vote. He said that Democrat attorneys would be located in the polling places to assist him if challenged casting one of these illegal votes.

  "In another video, O'Keefe's videographer tells a DNC staffer from Obama's Organizing for America that she intends to vote in both Texas and Florida. The staffer laughs and says, 'It's cool.' The staffer then prints out a voter registration form for the undercover videographer and advises her on what to do if she gets caught.

  "These are just the known instances of attempted voter fraud. How many instances occurred that were not discovered? Obama's Organizing for America looked up voters in swing states – many who would not have bothered voting otherwise – and got them to vote. How did they get them to vote? They may have given them rides to the polls, they may have offered to fill out and return their ballots for them, or they may have voted ballots for the ones who were not going to vote.

  "Many on the left believe there is nothing wrong with committing fraud in order to ensure Obama's reelection. It is a common tenet on the left that the ends justify the means. Saul Alinsky, the 1960's radical who inspired Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, taught community organizers like Obama that dishonesty is acceptable if it achieves your political goals. And when caught, Alinsky teaches radicals to deny the wrongdoing and change the topic to put their accusers on the defensive. One Obama supporter brazenly posted on Facebook that he was voting four times for Obama, asserting that the ends justify the means.

  "Aiding Obama's win was a devious suppression of the conservative vote. The conservative-leaning military vote has decreased drastically since 2010 due to the so-called Military Voter Protection Act that was enacted into law the year before. It has made it so difficult for overseas military personnel to obtain absentee ballots that in Virginia and Ohio there has been a 70% decrease in requests for ballots since 2008. In Virginia, almost 30,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots than in 2008. In Ohio, more than 20,000 fewer overseas military voters requested ballots. This is significant considering Obama won in both states by a little over 100,000 votes.

  "Voter fraud has been in the works for years. At least 52 employees of the left wing group ACORN have been convicted of voter registration fraud. ACORN itself was convicted of the crime of 'compensation,' paying its registration canvassers bonuses to exceed their quotas. In 2008, 36% of ACORN's voter registrations were invalidated. Left wing political pundit Chris Matthews admitted last year that pretending to call someone from a polling company, then voting their ballot for them, has been happening in big cities since the 1950's. He admitted he knows that kind of voter fraud takes place in Philadelphia."

[Click here to go to the top of the headline links table.]