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South Carolina Measures Warranting Consideration

By George Edwards


1.Transfer the power of the legislature to unilaterally appoint judges to the governor with the advice and consent of the senate.

2.      Remove the power of one senator to block a bill.

3.      Limit the term of any South Carolina legislator to eight years.

4.      Make legislators accountable to the Ethics commission for the same ethics laws that govern every other elected official.

5.      Require all South Carolina elected officials to report their income sources.

6.      Strengthen the state’s open records law, and abolish lawmakers’ exemption from it.

7.      Enforce the state law that mandates an open budget process.

8.      Make companies wanting state aid apply for it publicly.

9.      Make a company granted financial favors by the state accountable to meet its declared targets or the taxpayers shall be recouped.

10.  Grant the governor the power to appoint all executive branch officers and executive committee heads subject to the advice and consent of the senate.

11.  Mandate an end to legislative sessions to the second Friday in April – making each one last roughly 90 calendar days – and cap them at 45 legislative days.

12.  Amend the SC Constitution to specify that the State Legislature, the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch can only exercise those powers specifically granted them in the SC Constitution. All other powers are reserved for the Counties, Municipalities and the People.

13. Require a voter to register in a party to be allowed to vote in that party’s primary

14.  Not allow changes in party registration during an election cycle.


Please see a discussion of some of the above at the Web address shown below with an excerpt:

        < http://www.scpolicycouncil.org/freest-state>



  “Who runs South Carolina’s state government? Not the governor, not the judiciary, and certainly not citizens and taxpayers.

  “The legislature dominates our state’s government. Indeed, South Carolina’s legislative supremacy brings to mind James Madison’s definition of tyranny in Federalist no. 47.

  “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.

  “Tyranny, in other words, doesn’t always manifest itself in a single person with dictatorial powers. It can exist in a body of ‘many,’ and this body can be ‘elective.’

  “That is the case in South Carolina. Our state’s legislature unilaterally appoints judges. It controls entire state agencies through the boards whose members it appoints. It runs economic development schemes without so much as consulting the governor, and it secretly doles out millions in corporate welfare to the companies and groups legislative leaders happen to favor. And through the Budget and Control Board’s bureaucracy, the legislature even controls the executive function of procurement.”