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Getting Out the Vote Information [Updated to June 12 2012 primary results]

   By George Edwards


The most effective agents to getting the all-important voter turnouts are block captains who communicate directly with voters who know them personally. In any event, it is highly desirable that block captains or whoever communicate directly with voters become as fully informed as feasible.


To help a specific voter, volunteers need to know how to get basic voting information for that specific voter. The information here describes how to efficiently find and use on-line data showing individual voter's candidate choices, among other things, within the voting districts newly defined by the last census


Case 1: Known voter name and birth date as it appears on the voter's voter registration card: If a voter calls in or is called from a list of voter phone numbers, the volunteer should ask for the full name and birth date of a voter to provide the maximum help. This is also true for a drop-in either by the voter volunteering it or by just presenting his or her voter registration card that has the required information.


Case 2. Known voter address: If a voter or potential voter gives his or her local address, a volunteer can get basic voting information for that voter via the Government Information System [GIS] as indicated in the table below.

Also, if a volunteer is given a list of names whose telephone number is known or can be found in a telephone directory, having information at hand before calling to help the particular voter is desirable. If the phone book lists an address or a voter address is in the list given to him, a volunteer can get basic voting information for that voter via the Government Information System [GIS] even before calling 


Scroll down or click the item of interest in the menu table below for the associated guidance or information



Case 1: If you have a voter’s voter registration card or his or her name and birthday, to find the precinct, voting place address and the district numbers of the various candidates for whom he or she may vote:


[I have had some problems with having this software accept a typed-in date. If you have a problem or prefer, call voter registration in Conway at 905-5440 (205-5440 from Myrtle Beach)  and ask for the voter's voting place and districts.]


Click: https://info.scvotes.sc.gov/eng/voterinquiry/VoterInformationRequest.aspx?PageMode=VoterInfo

[If simply clicking the above fails, copy and paste:

https://info.scvotes.sc.gov/eng/voterinquiry/VoterInformationRequest.aspx?PageMode=VoterInfo in the address block of your Web browser and Press: Enter]

Follow the on-screen directions entering the information as it appears on the voter’s voter registration card.

[The screen that appears lists the voter’s Voting Precinct Name, Precinct Location, Precinct Address and Voting Districts (By their numbers)]

Click here to return to the index


Case 2: If you have a voter’s address, to find the voter’s precinct number and the numbers of the voting districts that he or she can vote in


Type: Horrycounty.org in the address box at the top of your Web browser [if you are using Internet Explorer, www.Horrycounty.org]

Click: Voting Precincts [Left margin under “County Council”]

Click: Horry County Interactive Council District Map [Middle of screen third major item down with a map icon—I had to install silverlite]

[Takes a long time to loadWAIT until you see a map including Horry County]

Click: the > arrow on the tool bar on the left of the screen.

Click: the < arrow at the top just to the right of the “Layers” title that then appears at the top of the tool bar

Check: the boxes “Voter Precincts,” “Streets” and “Parcels” unchecking anything else by putting the mouse pointer in the appropriate boxes and clicking—scroll down as necessary

[In the search box at the top right corner of the screen] Type: the complete street address –example 1439 Windwood Crossing Surfside SC

[(Myrtle Beach is a more typical municipality address) In the event that typing alone does not take you to the box described below, Press: Enter]

[A box appears in the middle of the screen with text showing the street address and a protrusion that points to the precinct number if a number does not appear on the map to the right of the box (Aside: Not afterward, but in one case it proved necessary, for me to click the magnifying glass symbol on the top more or less middle of the screen, zoom and press ctrl while clicking and dragging the mouse pointer to position the box where desired and be able to adequately see.)]

[On the “Layers” tool bar on the left of the screen] Uncheck: Voter Precincts and Check: Council Districts by putting the mouse pointer in the appropriate box and clicking--the protrusion on the box now points to the county council/school board district number]

Etc. for the S.C. House District and the S.C. Senate District by checking “House Districts” or “Senate Districts” [In one case I found no number.]


[The above GIS Information was obtained by talking to Matthew Ayres [GIS] 915 -7396 (205-7396 from Myrtle Beach). The overall number for the Horry County GIS (Horry County Government Information Services) department is 915-5245]


Click here to return to the index


Bonus Find: Once you have a property in magnified form so you can see the box with the protrusion—the clicking of which gives the specified district number, you can move your mouse pointer to another plat location on the map and  click it to read its street address, the owner’s name, etc.

Click here to return to the index


To associate an Horry County precinct number with its precinct name and polling place

Type: Horrycounty.org in the address box at the top of your Web browser [if you are using Internet Explorer, www.Horrycounty.org]

Press: Enter

Click: Voting Precincts [Left margin under “County Council”]

Scroll Down: [to below “Precinct Locations and Maps have been updated]

[All the precinct numbers in line with their associate precinct names and polling place addresses are listed.]

Click here to return to the index


To associate an Horry County precinct name with its polling place address [alternate to above]

Click: http://www.horrycountygop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/HorryCountyPrecinctInformation.pdf

[If the above fails, Copy: http://www.horrycountygop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/HorryCountyPrecinctInformation.pdf  and Paste: into your Web browser and Press: Enter]

Click here to return to the index


Voter Registration Form Use Information

  Using an available blank printed form or one printed from on-line information [See further down for a “how to” on that,

the form must be delivered or mailed in with the required ID [See the block at the bottom of that form with the red text in its upper right hand corner ID Required] to Voter Registration at 1515 4th. Avenue, Conway SC 29526]

  I have been told that the diagram in the area Attach ID Here is no longer required and, if a paper clip or stapler is not available, the ID can be mailed in the same envelope as the application.

   The “ADDRESS WHERE YOU LIVE” block must be filled in with the address in the county for which registration is desired.

   If there is a working copier available and you are mailing in the form and ID for someone else, it is desirable to photo copy the signed form and give it to the voter.

The phone number for Voter Registration in Horry County is 205-5440 from Myrtle Beach or 915-5440 elsewhere in the county [area code 843].

Click here to return to the index