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"Pedal-to-the-metal" on a Convention of States
Constitutionally Rein in Federal Government and Recall the President
Amending the Constitution

Constitutional Convention

Most Recommended Voting System: Automated Fingerprint Verification
Free Speech Limits to Protect an Ideal Society

Interim Voting System:

Automated One Vote Per Person Verification

Recognize and Remember America's Enemies

Congressmen to Remember in 2014
You Made Rush Revere Number One
What is the ideal society for humans?

Ensuring Valid Vote Counts

Basics of Roberts Rules of Order with Comments
Voting System & Fraud Prevention Tradeoffs
Voting System Recommendations

A Road Map for America's Future

Republican Medicare and Social Security Plans
Heritage Foundation
Freedom Works

National Commentary

What Will It Take?
Wake up America!

Voter Fraud Instances

2012 National Election

Public Education

'Contract From America'

Tea Party America Refounding Principles

CBO Analysis of Congressman Ryan's
501(c)(4) Information
Pursuit of Truth in a Digital Age


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Lucianne Goldberg

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National Review

The Blaze

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Tea Party Patriots

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American Presidency Project

U. S. Constitution

Contact President

Contact U.S. House

Contact U.S. Senate

Flat and Fair Taxes   3/7/09


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South Carolina Measures

Warranting Consideration

Getting Out the Vote Info

SC Voter Registration Form

SC Poll Mgrs Hdbk for Elections

George's Notes

for SC Poll Mgrs

SC Election Commission

S. C. State Ethics Commission 6/5/06

South Carolina 'State Legislature Information.

South Carolina Code

SC Hotline: Politics and Newspapers

South Carolina Google News

California Property Tax Cap'Experience

Horry County

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Getting Out the Vote Info

Horry County Government

Horry County Ordinances

Horry County Schools

Horry County Libraries

Horry County Democrats

Horry County Republicans

The Sun News

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Horry Independent

Myrtle Beach Tea Party

Myrtle Beach Tea Party Bylaws 9/17/12

Myrtle Beach Tea Party Bylaws 9/2/11

Carolina Patriots






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"I still believe Obama will skate, nothing will touch him, pray that I am wrong."

 I received the e-mail comment above from a friend in Indiana in response to a nightly e-mail barrage with its index links to George's Daily Page. I replied: "I agree with you. The most that we can hope for is that people can be made aware of him to the extent that his effectiveness is sufficiently diminished that he and his . . . fellow-travelers do not wreck this country beyond repair."

After nearly 18 years living in South Carolina, my contacts in other states are limited. Yet other states probably need more urging not to vote for Obama supporters again. The only reason that I can conceive that he was re-elected is that the people have not been adequately informed. The media, as a whole, barring Fox News is likely not covering the daily Obama administrative scandals to the extent they should receive for people to be aware of when they vote.

I always check Fox News as one source for what I report as well as Rush Limbaugh, the Drudge Report, my favorite, Lucianne.com and frequently TownHall.com. I'm a proud conservative and pick those articles with content selections that I most want people to be aware of and try to make access to them as convenient and as minimally demanding of readers' time as I possibly can--including daily e-mails to a blind-copied list including anyone who requests them.

I'm not a natural marketeer. The best I can do is take two to three hours daily to link to material and quote from it. I plea with you to help spread the word. If you forward my e-mails to lists of your acquaintances, you should be sure to offer to drop anyone immediately who might not wish to receive them. I do that with an edit-find on my list.